UK Choir Makes the Sweetest Lullaby for 5-yo in the US, When Their Singing is the Only Thing That Helps Her Sleep


A British choir has come to the rescue of a little American girl suffering from ‘night terrors’—by singing her to sleep with a special lullaby from 3,500 miles away.

Ever since their dad, music teacher Rick, came across a video of the Bristol Man Chorus singing a sea shanty last summer, 5-year-old Roslyn Kane and her sister Evelyn have been huge fans of the all-male group.

When Roslyn began having nightmares, Rick reached out to the choir from his home in Pennsylvania to see if they could help his daughter through the power of song.

Choir director Sam Burns got to work immediately, crafting a personal lullaby for his new friend. The lyrics are simple and lovely:

“Roslyn, Evelyn, sing goodnight / Roslyn, Evelyn, close your eyes / Sweetest dreams, all warm and bright / Roslyn, Evelyn, sing goodnight.”

The director then thought to himself, ‘she loves the whole choir—I could arrange it for the boys to sing.’

The group was soon getting together via Zoom so they could sing the new melody out loud.

So how is little Roslyn sleep nowadays? Her bad dreams are “getting better,” says Rick. “I think she enjoys the added benefit of [the personalized song] being hers.”

Performing the song has been good for the lads in Bristol, too, with Sam saying the group were “very flattered” by the song request, and that the news had really “uplifted” them.